GreenGeeks: A Tight Focus on Green Web Hosting

The web hosting industry is continuing to evolve into maturity with companies providing better services and creating more unique identities. In this increasingly crowded space, having a strong brand is the best way to get noticed. This is exactly what GreenGeeks has focused on since its inception. Here we have a host that puts corporate social responsibility at the center of its operations. GreenGeeks is a relatively new company compared to the more popular names but it has already established a good reputation and a solid following. Let’s look deeper into the company and what it has to offer.

Business for a Cause

The founder of GreenGeeks, Trey Gardner, has been in and around the tech industry for many years. Despite holding good positions in other companies, he saw a glaring disconnect between profit-making and environmental consciousness which he sought to bridge. Data centers are fast becoming more widespread as our hunger for information increases. The combined operations of these data centers will soon surpass the highly criticized airline industry in terms of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. GreenGeeks does its part in mitigating the environmental effects of hosting by depending on wind energy.

They also put back 300% of the power they consumed back into the grid through renewable sources. GreenGeeks, Inc purchases wind energy credits as part of its commitment to the green movement. As a result, the company goes beyond being carbon neutral. It actually leaves a positive impact overall. Aside from this, they also support other worthwhile causes and respected non-governmental organizations. An example is World Vision which runs programs that provide clean drinking water to Haiti and various parts of Africa. Customers who donate to these programs will be partially matched by GreenGeeks to increase the funding. Such endeavors have earned the company countless loyal patrons.

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Product Offerings

GreenGeeks started out as a shared hosting specialist. This is a logical move since this type of service requires minimal resources and attracts a less demanding clientele. People are generally happy to get unlimited storage and bandwidth on a reliable platform. As the company grew, it expanded its offerings to include higher level services like reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Now GreenGeeks is able to cater to the whole gamut of clients from personal bloggers to multinational corporations. Its operations may not be as big as others but the plans are solid and the service is reliable. The cheapest one starts at $3.96/month.

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Customer Support

GreenGeeks provides several layers of support to its customers. The official website is filled with useful information including how-to articles and contact details. The support team can be reached through email, chat and phone. Members are directly employed by GreenGeeks and are located all across North America. By all accounts, they are able to deliver fast and efficient assistance to anyone who needs them. They also have different levels of proficiency so advanced technical matters can be elevated to senior technicians for resolution. Chat is available 24/7 with immediate response guaranteed. Phone support is live from 9am until midnight on weekdays and 9am until 8pm on weekends. Emails should have a reply within 20 minutes.

Final Words

GreenGeeks currently hosts over 300,000 websites owned by 35,000 customers — not bad for a company that has only been around for seven years. It may not have the cheapest or the fastest plans in the market but its customers appreciate its advocacies and are willing to support them. If you have a similar concern for the environment, then GreenGeeks is the webhost for you.

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