High Speed Web Hosting Factors

If you have a business, you need a website. Whether it exists solely online or you have a brick and mortar location, successful businesses all have some form of presence on the web. If you are looking into creating a new site, your first priority should be to find high speed web hosting for your new online home. While there are many hosting companies out there, only a few are worth your time. Finding high speed web hosting can be difficult, but the process is easier if you consider the four factors below.

Page-load Speed

Yes, speed is important online. The faster your web page loads the more potential customers who will stay around and actually visit the site. It’s been shown that the vast majority of potential website visitors have a very low tolerance for slow-loading webpages — anything that takes more than two seconds to load begins to hemorrhage visitors at a rapid pace. As such, you should only sign up for web hosting when it is with a company that can help you to make sure that your site always loads quickly. The faster your site loads, the better the chance you have for a visitor to be converted into a customer.

Customer Service

In the world of business, customer service should always be king. Customers should expect to be treated well and have their problems addressed quickly. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of business that far too many web hosts tend to ignore. The best high speed web hosting companies have dedicated customer service staff on hand to help their customers. You may have to pay a bit more for the highest tier of customer service, but it can be worthwhile to consider this option if you use your website for e-commerce. Having help available during an emergency might make or break your business.


A website is only valuable if it is accessible. If users cannot visit your website on their first attempt, odds are against them trying again. If your web host cannot guarantee nearly-constant up-time and doesn’t have plans in place to deal with emergencies, you should not use it. It doesn’t matter how well the customer service team treats you or how fast your website loads — if your website goes down too often, it is going to become a footnote on the internet. Don’t waste your money with any service that cannot provide your users with basic accessibility on a regular basis.


Can you afford the service? If not, it doesn’t count as one of the best examples of high speed web hosting for your needs. Today’s web is filled with dozens of hosting companies, each of which is competing for your dollar. There are promotions running year round and deals to be had, but you need to seek out a payment package that will help you to satisfy the other three qualities listed above while still falling within your budget. Remember, even a great service is not worth the money if you cannot afford to use it.

If your host doesn’t excel in the four areas above, it’s time for you to find a new host. While any one of these factors can be a good reason to consider using a particular host, you always want to work with a company that scores well in all four. Failure to find the right web host won’t just cost you time — it can radically alter the probability of your website’s success.

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